To assist everyone with their dreams!

BabyOGGY is a MEME token.

It is a token created after voting by
community members. Holders have voting rights and long-term dividend

Holding $BabyOGGY for a long time is the right choice, and your wealth
will continue to increase!




Binance smart chain


Total tax 10%:Including 5% Marketing and 5% dividend local currency

Launch mode

white list sales

Purchase limit

Total limit: 25-50BNB
Single person limit: 0.2-0.5BNB



Unique animation and surrounding creativity

The team will consider collaborating with OGGY in the later stage to jointly develop BABYOGGY in the form of animation and complete a new cross industry journey! The team is confident in this project and believes that it will become a global brand. They will continuously innovate and improve to make this project better, allowing people to better express themselves in daily life, and enjoy the fun of investing and collecting.

Why Choose Us

Wallet system

Mask or Trust Wallet are available for purchase, which will provide us with more users to support

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24/7 Support

As you can see, We always available, feel free to contact me with any questions.

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BabyOGGY have exquisite story sources and artistic designs, and everyone who hears about them can’t help but pay attention to them. This is one of the reasons why we continue to rise.

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The project side has several successful projects, and most of them have multiples of 10x or more, we have enough experience.

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Security and monitoring

You can use any bsc chain wallet to make purchases and it is all secure.

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Rich Elements

This project is sourced from OGGY, a British animated film with a rich library of elements that will provide a continuous stream of materials for better promotion!

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